About Nirina

Hello beautiful soul(s)!

I’m Nirina, currently living in Duesseldorf (Germany) and as you can imagine, I love to photograph.
Hence, it isn’t the biggest surprise I’m taking the leap of faith to turn my passion into my career.

Photography has accompanied me through all stages of life, from when I was a kid up until now (I’m 22 btw, if that matters in any kind of way 😀 )

I want to capture people how they are deep inside. 
I want you to feel like gods and goddesses, like you can accomplish anything you want in life.
I want to take photos of the big and small superheroes and heroines, because, we are all damn special in our own unique kind of way!

That’s why YOU, no matter what ethnicity, skin color, sexual orientation etc. you are/have, are welcome in front of my camera!
I love capturing cute moments between couples equally as much as fierce guys and gals with a vision in their mind.

About Nirina



But if you ask me directly, I’ll be honest with you. 
I have a huge plan with my photography, I want to be a rebel in the fashion industry.
Not only do I want to bring more of the #femalegaze movement into the whole media industry,
I want to inspire people through breaking free all of the limiting beliefs of society.

I know this is huge, but, guess what? 
Do you know what’s better than one girlboss? Multiple girlbosses & power dudes supporting each other to live the fullest of our lives!

So, if anything of that resonates with you, contact me to book your shoot or work with me.
It doesn’t matter if that’s a simple portrait shoot, an influencer campaign or a wedding reportage.
Tell me what you have in mind and let’s discuss it together 🙂

And to clear things up, I’m a remote photographer. 
As I said, I live in Duesseldorf, but I’m traveling quite often and will announce where and when I’m going to a new destination.
Keep a look out on my Instagram page or on the home page for that info!