About Caro

Caro is a really good friend of mine from school.

What bonded us right from the start was the interest in all things related to art, we have in common.

If that was music, museums or self portraits, she was my partner in crime for that.

After our ways separated (because I went to Uni and we didn’t see each other for basically every day anymore) we stayed in contact.
Obviously it took a while until we could do exciting projects together again.

But last year, quite at the beginning of me deciding I wanted to become a professional photographer and her an artist, we managed to see each other and shoot again.

She saw me grow into the photographer I am today and was a witness of almost all stages.

I know this woman has a tremendous talent and one day I can brag about being close with this special human as she will be an accomplished artist as she dreams to and works towards being.

London Shenanigans

So last year I was visiting my friend Caro in London for the first time (yes, first time in the UK) and we were strolling through the streets of London and took pictures.
Also because I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t research cool photo locations, we mapped out a few awesome spots .
And I am very very happy with what we came up with…

Kew Gardens

Borough Market

Kew Gardens


This restaurant is filled with so many cool individual rooms all decorated differently, e.g. one is in royal pink, another one like a jungle bar and the fricking toilets are like alien spaceships!

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