About Milica

Oh, where should I start?

Mili and I have known each other from college. We became very very close friends, and I owe her a lifetime of gratitude and love.
When I got sick, she got my back in every way possible.

She is a still soul when you encounter her first, but there’s a very fierce, funny and humble character inside!

You get not only looks, but also brains with this one.
Starting from multiple languages she can speak, she’s also a focused and determined woman.

Unlike me, she actually finished her studies with a rocky road there, but always with a smile on her face.

She just started a new job, listening to your heart definitely pays off!
I don’t know what else she’s going to do in life, but I know whatever she will start, she will put her heart and soul into it!

Bride & Goddess

Mili volunteered to be my bride. And I think I tickled out the fashion goddess in her too.

Chill & Elegant

Mili is Mili whether she is dancing in sweatpants or rocking her high heels and dresses.
Or lingerie 😀 
I’m still waiting for the next boudoir session with her #femalegaze

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