Ok, whaaaaat?

You are blogging now too?

Yes, this site will feature blog posts all around the topic of photography and mindset of a photographer.
Because like in every profession, routines can help you maintaining a healthy work-life balance!

But let’s get right to it.

In my other blog I’m known for writing these food & travel guides and I featured photo spots all the time.

And I thought, why not do it here, too? But more specific.

As I am based in Duesseldorf, it comes natural that I’m writing about the top 3 (secret) locations to shoot at here.

Let’s go then!

Frank O. Gehry is known for numerous architectural designs including the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao or the dancing house in Prague.

What an honor that we have one of his pieces right in the heart of the media harbour in Duesseldorf.

It’s eclectic and metallic, and perfect for mirror dramatics.
Don’t you think so, too?


I know, I know, I know.

I hear you asking: What is special about that?

Don’t you see how beautiful it is?

It doesn’t matter if it’s in the mid of summer, or a sunset or pouring rain, you can always use the Rhine area as a perfect setting!


And last, but not least:

Do you want a lot of variety and to shoot as much in as little time as you can with different backgrounds?

Easy at Kiefernstraße, because it’s featuring lots of cool street art.

Just take a look at these 3 pictures only a mere meters away from each other!


So, what do you say about these spots?
Of course there are a lot more.
Maybe I’ll write a second one.

But for the start, these are perfect for 3 totally different looks and cover your style for sure. 

What are your favourite spots to shoot in Duesseldorf?
Or wherever you live 🙂