TRavel locations


January - 01 - Mid-February - 02


This is my home base. A lot of cities in Germany as well as the Netherlands, France, Belgium etc. are in close proximity.


You can ask questions and/or book your shoot through my contact sheet or via e-mail. Of course you can contact me on Social Media, mainly Instagram, but also FB as well.
For the quickest response time please use the contact sheet.

Mid-February - 02 - Beginning of April 04


I’m going to travel around for a bit. I’ll be in Newcastle, Brisbane, the Gold Coast & Sydney until Mid March and afterwards in Tasmania, Adelaide and Melbourne. 
Hit me up for a shoot 🙂


Individual Design for Individual People

With me you can not find a uniform style, which I just slam on every shoot.
Yes, that’s right!
No presets, no mass production.
What you find is a person who gets involved with the personalities being portrayed and tries to pick matching color patterns, locations and poses.

You are allowed and should see the person you want to be and are deep inside, when you get handed pictures over from me.

I want to tickle out more self-love, more self-confidence and more action out of you and together we can do it.
Smile and be fierce!


Current Favorites

I always named this one ‘goddess’, because Mili is a fierce warrior who always sees the best in every situation and person.
She has a heart full of gold!

Can we please ask Vogue to just book me for a shoot? 😀
Nor seriously, this is what I love the most.
Portraying strong fashionable women.
More empowerment, more #femalegaze

What kind of people would we be, if we didn't put all our energy into the mission to fulfill all of our dreams ?

Starting a family, building a house, releasing a song, writing a book, earning 1,000,000$, the much-anticipated trip around the world …
Let’s start a revolution together. The revolution to finally say YES!
YES, to yourself, unconditionally!
By booking me for a shoot, you fulfill a small heart’s desire:
Empowering people to be 100% themselves and to make the most of the time here on earth!
And you always have a souvenir of an important moment in your life!


I want to capture people how they are deep inside. 
I want you to feel like gods and goddesses, like you can accomplish anything you want in life.
I want to take photos of the big and small superheroes and heroines, because, we are all damn special in our own unique kind of way!

That’s why YOU, no matter what ethnicity, skin color, sexual orientation etc. you are/have, are welcome in front of my camera!


Photographer & Blogger

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